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Femdom Streams

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  The biggest femdom and foot movies website on the Net Over 400 full length movies already in place and 36 new full movies added every month. Don't be stuck watching the same movies over and over. We add 60 NEW full movies every month. Each movie is always 60 minutes or longer. We also have a weekly fetish theater that has a new full length movie every week on top of the other 60 movies. This on top of over 400 other feature movies already in place waiting for you to watch. We have so many movies and add so many new ones you will never be able to watch them all. We guarantee it! And best of all your membership gives you access to all of the movies. You never have to pay anything extra for watching the movies!
Unquestionably the best femdom and foot movies site!


Strapon Slaves

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  All female to male strapon domination
Devoted exclusively to the women who love to strap it on and dominate their men using their strapons. See dominant strapon women who enjoy the training and humiliation of men. These women have no need for dungeons and whips. Their strapon will bring you to your knees ready to worship, suck and deep throat the huge strapons until you are ready to bend over and spread them wide for the big and hard strapon that demands that pussy boys take it all the way from these strapon bitches! They will make sure you become a complete strapon slave. See our long strapon streaming and downloadable movies. Strapon action at it's best presented in our movie theaters.
Strapon worship, humiliation and anal abuse of males!


Femdom Loft

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Over 100 Mistresses. Each more cruel than the other
Witness the extreme degradation of slaves. Reduced to nothing, humiliated and left begging to worship at the superior Mistress's feet. Watch severe and extreme discipline and training. See sadistic Mistresses who purely enjoy torturing their slaves. Punishing them so hard just to hear them beg for mercy. We got every type of domination you can think of. Humiliation, degradation, body worship, foot worship, facesitting, smothering, strapon, punishment, spanking, discipline, servitude, caning, pain, training, obedience, maids, servants, slavery, pain, torture, cbt, ponies, showers and more. Updated daily adding to the massive galleries already in place
Huge femdom site. Femdom pictures, movies and stories


Brutal Cbt

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Total cock & ball torture in every imaginable way!
A new meaning to the phrase "she has you by the balls" Really cruel and mean Femdoms that love inflicting pain and torturing male genitals. Witness extreme torture of male genitals including nailing of balls, piercing with needles, electro torture, ball crushers, stretching of genitals and cigarette burning of cocks. We have all the devious tortures you've been expecting. See cbt with sharp nails, powerful hands and dominant feet and high heels. See balls and cock stepped on, kicked, squeezed, pulled and even punched. Come see our movies and see and hear the torture and the slave's crying and begging for mercy. The action is non stop but the slaves have no choice but to take it.
If cock & ball torture turns you on this is the place for you!


Beneath Her

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Smothering and facesitting. Ass & panty worship
Do you like to see a perfectly shaped female behind descend down on a guy's face flattening his face under her gorgeous ass? Then this site is for you. We have thousands of exclusive and original pictures of nonstop real facesitting and smothering under the hottest female asses. Come see guys begging to worship beautiful female asses. Watch their faces flattened by dominant women who demand worship. Guys struggling to worship that ass and pussy that's sitting on their faces grinding down their face and nose. Complete your smothering experience in our movie theaters where you can see all the smothering action up close in full screen.
All forms of smothering including foot & breast smothering!


Women Who Punish

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All female to male spanking and punishment
Strict women who take no crap from their men. No nonsense swift and real punishment dished out by disciplinarians who know how to hurt unruly men. It's all about women who love to punish men. They truly enjoy traditional discipline and correction of their males such as a long hard no mercy spanking followed by corner time. The kind of spanking that will make you unable to sit for about a week and teach you to obey her. Have you been a lazy student or a bad worker? It's time to change all that. You will be put over the knee and spanked until you learn to behave properly. The belt, the ruler, the cane and the bare hand will assure you become a perfect gentleman.
See their buttocks spanked black and blue!


Lesbian Dommes

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All female to female lesbian domination
This is the largest site devoted to all girl female domination of all kinds. There's nothing like seeing a woman submit to another woman's whims and desires worshipping her body and being at her beg and call ready to obey all her commands without any hesitation whatsoever in order to make sure her Mistress is kept happy and served in anyway she commands. See lesbian foot worship, facesitting, lesbian strapon Mistresses, outdoors domination and humiliation, domestic maids serving their owners, whipping, spanking, caning and lots of all girl bondage. Witness these slave girls suffer and strict female dominants as they perform all types of domination and humiliation.
See submissive slave girls adore the Mistresses!

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